The Crusader of Peace His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was born on Deepavali day, the Festival of Lights, on 3rd November 1956 at Arthamur Village near Rajahmundry in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Born to pious parents Sri Venkatacharyulu and Srimathi Alivelumanga Thayaru, He had His early education in the Oriental School, Gowthama Vidya Peetam Rajahmundry. It was the call of the Divine that made the young Srimannarayana Ramanujacharyulu to take up the ascetic order of JEEYAR(Lion) at a very young age of 23 years. Today He is reckoned very high among the monks of the India and abroad as the pioneer and Crusader of Peace. We have heard several stories and legends about God incarnations, Godman, and Acharyas in the past, but very rarely can we come into the living presence of divinity like, His Holiness Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

Our Sri Swamiji, a profound Sanskrit scholar, Realized Soul, an epitome of Learning & Enlightenment, and embodiment of Divine Sampath (Divine Wealth) started the JET (Jeeyar Educational Trust) in 1982 at Sithanagaram,Guntur Dist. India, with units in Hyderabad (1983) India, Narayankund Nepal (1985), Rajahmundry India (1991), Madras India (1993) and JET USA Inc. USA (1994).

Born: Di:pavali day in 1956

Parents: Sriman Venkatacharyulu & Smt Alivelumanga Thayaru

Birth Name: Srimannarayanacharya

Acharya: Maha Mahopadhyaya Sriman T.K. Gopalacharya Swamy Varu

Monkhood: From the age of 23


HH Sri Swamiji is ever cheerful, ceaselessly active and is unmindful of His bodily comforts but always concerned about others welfare. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji radiates hope and joy wherever He goes. His discourses are profound, given in a language even a child can understand. He comes down to the level of the audience, who is swayed by the rhythm of His language and are enthralled by the beauty of His diction.

From five in the morning till midnight or even later, Swamiji is busy spreading the message of Vedas, Upanishads and messages of great seers tirelessly. He never says ‘no’ to people who want to see Him even at midnight. He is unmindful when it comes to attending to His needs but very active in attending to others’ needs. Such Swamijis are rare, and people who have met Him are blessed indeed.

For the inquisitive, He is an unparalleled spiritual teacher; for the intellectuals, He is an erudite scholar and philosopher; for the suffering parts of the world, he is the ambassador of peace; for the grief stricken, He is an ever-helping and inspiring leader, an eloquent speaker, a reservoir of divine qualities; and a uniquely distinguished representative of world’s most ancient but ever fresh Vedic knowledge and practices.

He is the embodiment of rare virtues, an epitome of boundless love for humanity and a holy saint with deep intellectual and spiritual sensitivity. He shares a deep concern and compassion for a society which to such a large degree lacks real spiritual dimension. Acharya is one who practices first, and then preaches. Sri Swamiji exemplifies what He preaches. H.H. belongs to such a highly esteemed line of Sanyasis and monks of the followers of Sri Ramanujacharya, called Jeeyars.

Any devotee can observe excellence in all aspects of His living. Right from Swamiji’s tidy dressing, His refined way of speech, unsurpassable perfection in Sri Vaishnava mark on the forehead, the affection in the way Swamiji addresses people in general, the elegance in the manner of His distributing thirtham, the lucidity and potency in His speech that can uproot ignorance in the receptive… everything can be conspicuously observed and learnt from. At the same time, He is the embodiment of detachment and renunciation. He is beyond any influence of the material world and its properties, “gunas”. His presence permeates a strange feeling of divine happiness and peace in everyone around. Every morning, it’s an inexplicable joy to see the glowing face of Swamiji. Swamiji wants to inculcate in our people, young and old, awareness of our heritage. He is always on the move most of the time meeting people and listening to their worldly and spiritual problems. Devotees get relief by just looking at His radiant, ever smiling face. His cool look cleanses our mind and raises our sight from the mundane to the divine. Blessed are those who have come under the influence of the revered Swamiji.


This is a humble attempt to capture a droplet from the ocean of H.H’s activities

1958 Annadhanam Service (Free Food Distribution) at Badrinath in India serving 35,000 devotees annually, continuos service.
1980 Maha Yajna with 1008 Kundas on Tirumala Hills
1982 Established Jeeyar Educational Trust for free Vedic Education
1988 Maha Varuna Yagam – for draught relief
 1988 Vedic Peace March in Sri Kurmam, Punjab
 1992 Established Vikasa Tarangini to train volunteer force for community service
 1994 Sahasra Kunda:thmaka Maha Vishnu Yagam at Tirumala for World Peace
1994 Established JET USA Inc. to propagate Vedic tradition outside India
1994 -2009 Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana (World Peace Program) that reached 10 million people across India
 1996 Constructed 83 Rehabilitation centers during Konaseema Cyclone
1996 -1999 Temple Prathishtapana (Rebuild Temple) in India to renovate 83 Sri Rama Temple in downtrodden areas
1998 Veda Santhi Yathra in Amritsar for Peace in Punjab. 100,000 people participated in the walk
1999 Mangala Tarangini – for the welfare of Country and the Soldiers
1999 Amarseva Tarangini in India to support families of Soldiers Killed in Kargil War (Honor Soldiers Killed in Kargil War)
 2001 Constructed a colony with 86 houses at Vallabhapur, Gujarat for Earthquake relief
 2001 Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum in over 10 districts to enlighten/encourage harmonious living
2001 Established School for Visually Challenged at Sri Ramnagar, Hyderabad – first in AP
2002 Githa Jyothi program to revitalize the standards of human thought
2003 Established Jeeyar Gurukul School at Beersaipet, a tribal area in Karimnagar
 2004 Krishna Vasamthotsavam for good rains
 2004 Sarva Vaishnava Samgoshti – first time assembling all Vaishnava leaders from all over Bharath to formulate a plan of action to preserve the Vaishnava traditions
2004 Established Tribal school at Allampally tribal area
2004 Annual Event  – Sri Venkateswara Saranagati Diksha (Promote Communal Harmony) that reached 20 million people
2005 Constructed 50 houses for Tsunami victims at Pumpuhar, Tamil Nadu
 2005 Acharya Seva Yathra – a year long tour throughout Bharath to propagate glory of Sri Rama
2006 Established Fisherman school at Katarivaripalem
 2007 Hima Yathra – tour with many devotees to Himalayas and holy place in Northern Bharath
 2007 Established Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA) at Sri Ramnagar, Hyderabad for advancement in Vedic Research
2007 Established Junior College for Visually Challenged at Sri Ramnagar, Hyderabad – first in AP 2011
 2008 Prapanna Deeksha – Chanting of Sri Ashtakshari Maha Mantra throughout the year
 2008 Established VT Seva Inc. in USA as a community service wing
2008 Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s Centenary Celebrations – a yearlong celebrations with Sri Rama Parayana and Sri Rama Krathuvu
2008 365 days – Jeeyar Sathabdhi & Prapanna Diksha (Meditation Program) that reached 60 million people across US, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Tanzania and UAE
2008 Established Jeeyar Asramam at Cranbury NJ, USA with a goal to build a Spiritual and Humanitarian center with Sri Rama Temple (Sri Saketha Kshethram)
 2009 Relief activity during Andhra Pradesh Floods – distributed survival kits to all victims, boats and nets to fishermen
 2009 Mandasa Temple Renovation – 800 year old ancient historical temple at Mandasa, Srikakulam
 2009 World Parliament of Religions – Sri Swamiji spoke on the ‘Role of Religion in making this world a global village’
 2009 Established Divya Saketham at Sri Ramnagar, Hyderabad
 2010 Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam – for 9 days at Jeeyar Asramam with 34 Kundas and 125 Vedic Scholars for World Peace
 2010 Established Degree college for Visually Challenged at Sri Ramnagar – first in Bharath
 2013 Established Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services (JIMS) hospital at Sri Ramnagar, Hyderabad for providing free medical services based on Homeopathy, Allopathy and Ayurvedic
2013 3 days, Kaveri Vasanthotsavam (Special River Program) in SriRangam, India that resulted in removing 3 year old drought situation