Where can I volunteer?

You can volunteer by talking to the coordinators on this page –https://jeeyarasramam.org/volunteer/

Are there any FAQs answered by Swamiji?

Yes there are so many FAQs answered by Swamiji right here – https://chinnajeeyar.org/faqs/

When does Swamiji come to the USA

Swamiji comes at a variable basis and when he comes we hold events and celebrations.

What is the best resource?

You can access discourses, songs, short speeches, books, slokas, and more in the Acharya App. The main JETUSA resource. Please also go to https://jeeyarasramam.org/media/

Are there any online learning lessons?

Yes, onlines learning sessions are located here – https://jeeyarasramam.org/learn/