“Srama” means burden and “Asrama” is a place that relieves one from the “Srama”. Ego is the burden that is born out of their progeny, education, power and wealth. “Asramam” is the place that liberates one from these imposed bondages and provides feeling of equality. It was the principle of equality that Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy stood for.

Asramam is also a place where people with different backgrounds come together and live in harmony forgetting their social status. For example in Ramayana, King Janaka (Sita Devi’s father) and poor brahmin students studied together under Sage Yajnavalka. At no point the kind felt that he belonged to a royal race and he mingled with everyone without any reservations. Another example in Mahabharatha is Lord Sri Krishna and his friend Kuchela were living together in the Gurukulam even though Krishna was a royal prince while Kuchela was from a very poor family.

HH Swamiji has established several asramams across India. With the blessings of HH we have successfully opened a Jeeyar asramam in New Jersey and there are lots of plans for expanding the asramam.

Below are the list of all the asramams under the aegis of HH Sri Swamiji

Sri Saketam in New Jersey, Jiva Asramam, Sitanagaram Asramam, Nadigaddapalem Asramam, Varija Asramam, Bhadrachalam Asramam, Badari Asramam, Hrushikesh Asramam, Srirangam Asramam, Melkote Asramam, Sriperumbudur Asramam, Karimnagar Asramam, Thirumala Asramam, Pandukeswar Asramam